Kurgan clinical hospital is the largest multidisciplinary medical organization in the Kurgan region, providing specialized, high-tech medical care in the hospital and Advisory and diagnostic assistance to the population.

Our Address:

63 Tomina st., Kurgan, Russian Federation

Email: kokb@mail.ru

Website:  http://kokb45.ru/

Way to get there/Transport accessibility:

The nearest bus stop «The cinema Russia» is near medical organization Kurgan clinical hospital far away 260 meters. You can get to the bus stop «The Airport» on buses №75, №349. From bus stop «The Airport» to the airport 23 meters.

Way to get railway station:

From medical organization Kurgan clinical hospital to bus stop «The children’s polyclinic» 350 meters. Buses, which get to bus stop «The train station»:  № 12, № 19, № 22, № 311, № 353. From bus stop «The train station» to railway station 88 meters.